Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking Backwards at 2009...

It's time to review last year's resolutions...

-drink less coffee: So didn’t happen, and probably never will considering the lovely coffee grinder, Bodum storage containers and green French press I acquired over the holiday season. I’m not disappointed about this one though. Here’s why: "Good News in the Daily Grind."

-drink more water: check

-read more fiction instead of just news: half check—I definitely picked up the fiction reading—joining a book club has aided this resolution—but I’m still not at the point that I want to be at. It takes me too long to finish a book and I’m still more likely to read the New Yorker or the newspaper on the train than a novel.
-yoga: I’m going to blame this one on the lack of an affordable studio in Hoboken and the loss of my yoga mat. Lame, I know.
-learn to cook: 1/4th check—This is still a huge challenge, but I’m headed in the right direction. In the last several months I’ve definitely started to eat out less and make my own meals, even if it’s just boiling some water for whole wheat pasta and broccoli.
-cook more: see above
-learn another language, preferably french: This is where I disappoint myself. Not only did I not even attempt to learn French, but I didn’t practice Italian as much as I should. I’m re-resolving this for 2010.

-organize: 1/3 check—I’ve started and stopped this process a few times. I’m definitely more organized than I was at this time last year, but it’s still an uphill battle.
-create a budget and stick to it: 1/3 check—I started using Quicken and am pretty aware of my finances and spending habits. Could I spend less and save more? Sure, who can’t? Do I refuse to waste my youth in New York City? Of course.
-exercise more: Well, I walked more for sure (moving to a part of town that doesn’t terrify you can do that) but I’m still without a gym membership. I plan to keep it that way though, no reason to waste the money. I’ll continue walking, maybe throw in some push ups and sit ups here and there, and consider working up to a jog. I’m removing this from my yearly resolution list though because it’s just dumb.

-declutter: 1/3 check—moving helped with this one. Moving again might help even more.

-laugh more: check

-take a trip on my own: check (
San Francisco—next stop, Portugal?)
-write every day: 3/4 check—the nature of my job means that every day involves writing, but this resolution was more about non-work related musings which is why I didn’t give it a full check. If I only limited this to blog writing, I’d only get 1/16 of a check.

-start investing: check

-write more letters: 1/3 check—I’ve kept up on the birthday card and holiday card front, and even threw in a few just saying hi cards which warrants the 1/3 check. I could up the just saying hi quotient though.
-watch less TV: I wish I could say that I kept this one, but I definitely didn’t, especially when I factor in Netflix movies watched at home. Sure, it’s beyond wasteful to watch a marathon of America’s Next Top Model, especially if you’ve already seen every episode in that season. But what can I say? Sometimes I just can’t change the channel on Tyra.
-eat more whole grains and veggies
: half check—I’ve definitely made improvements on eating less crap. Still have a ways to go though…

I'm working on the list for 2010...will post soon...

...Weekend Anna

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Decorating, check. Buy Christmas cards, check. Bust out the holiday music, check. Smell the Christmas trees for sale on Broadway, check...

...Weekend Anna

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Visitors in the Fall...

...November got off to a lively start, full of visitors from all over the country (Jacksonville, Fla., San Francisco, Calf., Youngstown, Ohio). While most people that head my way prefer to spend time in the city--completely understandable--some of the visiting involved trips across the river to my new(ish) home in the sixth borough. My parents and a pair of family friends joined me in Hoboken for dinner at Chucharamama, a lovely little South American restaurant on 3rd and Clinton. Quinoa encrusted chicken, rice and cheese croquettes, a pepper stuffed with pumpkin drizzled with queso sauce, Venezuelan hot chocolate--yum ,yum, yum. Plus, our friends brought me a gift: two perfect white coffee mugs and a small wooden serving tray from MUJI. It was so sweet of them to bring me a present, and I'm slightly obsessed with my new mugs and tray. It's the perfect mug...the right size, and although the handle is flawless in its design, the mug fits my cupped hands perfectly.

Sadly, my camera USB cord was misplaced during my move, so I only have the catalogue photo of the mug for now...

...Weekend Anna

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. It feels like an excuse to be a kid again, despite the fact that many view it as a time to dress in very little at all. Instead, it's a chance to dress up as a favorite character or profession or dream, and to eat a lot of candy without feeling too guilty. Plus, celebrating being scared has it's charms as well. Every year I watch Psycho, one of my favorite Hitchcock films, even one of my favorite movies. No matter how many times I see that movie I still get chills when I see the shadowy figure opening the door to the bathroom with unsuspecting Marion Crane showering in the foreground, or when Norman Bates looks up at the end while the voiceover of his mother talks about how harmless she is. It's fun to be scared a little bit...

....Weekend Anna

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I moved... Hoboken!

...Weekend Anna

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall is in the air...

My favorite season is fast approaching--it's been a lovely weekend full of sun and a slight chill every now and then. A good part of this weekend was spent with the lovely RMB. We grabbed Thai food on Friday night before catching a late showing of "Taking Woodstock," which was every bit as wonderful as I wanted it to be. Saturday was spent bumming around and watching college football...yes, I like college must be a Midwest thing...

Northwestern won, as did Michigan so it was a good football day, and it turned into a good music evening. RMB and I headed into the city to Terra Blues on Bleeker St. where we caught some fantastic blues music. Apologies for the darkness and poor quality of the photo--it was taken with my BlackBerry without a flash. For some reason, the flash on a BlackBerry is blinding and since I didn't want to cause anyone serious retinal damage, I turned it off.

RMB departed yesterday and I attempted to shop away my feelings...Old Navy and Lush are always good places to spend money. Now I've got some nice fall clothes and I smell good.

I'm headed to San Francisco in two days...I'm excited, to say the least--traveling out West is exactly what I need right now...

...Weekend Anna